• New or Old computer setup includes mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, speakers & single setup accessories such as external hard drives.
  • Configure all externals with correct drivers and any necessary software.
  • Install up to (2) software applications of your choice ( software not included ).
  • Connect computer to internet through Wi-Fi or wired (wiring & equipment such as routers, modems not included )
  • Any additional hardware required can be purchased by our technician ahead of time at costumers request contact us to set up an appointment and we will make sure your computer is setup as fast as possible.

  • Install up-to-date Antivirus* and Antispyware* compatible with operating system.
  • Perform a complete system defragmentation, startup & shutdown optimization, taskbar cleaning and configuration as well as perform any required system updates that are critical to security and system performance.
  • Security analysis and setup which includes any browser enhancement deemed necessary, firewall configuration, cache cleaning, cookie removals etc.
  • Remove “Bloat Ware” such as free trials and unwanted/unnecessary software that can cause the system to lag, freeze or simply not function.
  • Test configuration & verify that all components are functioning correctly and notify costumer if any further action is required.
  • Diagnose any possible problems customer may encounter throughout the use of the computer whether hardware or software related and notify with information on how to resolve issues.
  • Create any user accounts desired.
  • Includes all the features of “Initial SetUp”
  • Re-install operating system or perform a system upgrade to a newer operating system. Tech will check for compatibility issues if any and notify costumer if upgrade is an option. If no upgrade can be done costumer will be notified of any other options available. Operating System License and/or CD (NOT INCLUDED).
  • We currently offer discounted pricing on Windows 7 & 8.
  • Diagnose system and perform a full system clean using technology standards software.
  • Clean any online stored sessions including any saved passwords & cookies to ensure a proper virus removal.
  • Un-Install any software that may be linked to the virus this includes toolbars, ad-revenue generating software, marketing software as well as any unnecessary files associated with these programs.
  • Diagnose system and ensure that all software is functioning properly.
  • Install Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware ( Software Not Included )
  • Optimize startup & shutdown procedures.
  • Remote system diagnosis & troubleshooting.
  • Perform any required system security updates
  • Software Installs & Removal
  • Install Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware ( Software Not Included )
  • Optimize startup & shutdown procedures.

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